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Why Your Landscaping Needs Strata Repairs Services this Summer

Strata Repairs Services

Why Your Landscaping Needs Strata Repairs Services this Summer

May 16, 2023

While most of us are delighted to find that warmer weather is upon us here in Metro Vancouver, this also means we are inching closer to the challenges that summer poses to landscaping maintenance and repair. With water consumption at an all-time high, new pests emerging each year, and an ongoing desire of tenants to have lush green spaces to relax in, managing the landscape of strata during the summer months can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our reliable and knowledgeable team here at Harp Landscaping can help your gardens grow from surviving to thriving this season. Here are a few reasons you could benefit from strata repair services this summer.

Plant smart
One of the biggest challenges of landscaping is knowing which plants will grow best in which environments. It takes a certain amount of horticultural knowledge to survey an area and discern its proximity to other plants, sunlight, rainfall exposure, and soil quality before determining which plants would be the most suitable for that section of landscaping. With water usage at an all-time high, and conservation measures increasingly in place, drought-tolerant plants are becoming more and more popular for landscaping purposes. If you find that your gardens are suffering during the warmer months because they are either not getting the water they need, or are planted in the wrong places, it might be time to consider strata repair services. Consulting with an expert landscaper will help you reassess your landscaping and decide whether to relocate, replace, or plant anew in the area that you’re concerned about. Our professional landscapers can advise you on beautiful and popular plants that are low maintenance, reducing watering and fertilizing costs.

Trim and tidy
Many strata complexes are designed with multiple pathways to access the various residences and shared buildings of the living community. Walkways, community halls, equipment sheds, pools, and other areas of your building’s exteriors need to be kept clean and tidy for pedestrian traffic. Moreover, maintaining a clean and welcoming aesthetic is an important part of sustaining the value of your strata and the satisfaction of your tenants with their living spaces. As the weather warms here in the Lower Mainland, plants and gardens burgeon with life which, while beautiful, can lead to overgrown pathways, drooping branches, tall grass, and an excess of pests that love their new habitat. Regular lawn edging, shrub trimming, and tree pruning are all parts of the strata repairs services we can offer at Harp Landscaping so your tenants can enjoy the surroundings of your strata complex without having to fight their way through the foliage.

Sometimes, trees and shrubs are planted with the best of intentions but due to either improper pruning, or a lack of knowledge of the growth habit of the plant, the tree or shrub grows out of control and begins to threaten surrounding plants, lawn, or even concrete walkways close by. Roots are incredibly strong and surprisingly tenacious. Left unmitigated, tree roots will lift concrete, grow through chain link fences, and cover an entire lawn. If you find yourself with an unruly tree, it’s time to consult with one of our landscapers to plan to replace the tree with a variety more suitable for your space restrictions.

Summer is a time to relax, but if you’re managing strata, it’s also the time to secure strata repair services to support your landscaping through the warm season. Connect with Harp Landscaping today so the only thing you need to do with your trees is relax in the shade beneath them.

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