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Why You Should Remove Leaves from Your Lawn

why should i remove leaves

Why You Should Remove Leaves from Your Lawn

July 16, 2021

During the first few weeks of fall, the multi-coloured leaves look gorgeous on the trees and on your lawn as they fall. But if they are not removed from your lawn quickly, those beautiful leaves will start to rot, lose their colour, and become a slimy, messy layer. While the rotting leaves can be excellent for your garden, vegetable patch, or compost pile, leaves on the lawn should be removed.

Lawn leaf removal services benefit your lawn because they are important for your lawn’s health. A thick layer of fallen leaves can smother the lawn, and prevent sunlight from reaching the grass. A lawn leaf removal service can remove the piles of rotting, slippery, decaying leaves from your lawn as the weather starts to cool.

It is important not to let leaves collect on the lawn for too long. Excess leaves on the lawn not only can block the grass from accessing sunlight, but can also stop water evaporation. Excess water and lack of evaporation and air flow can lead to problems like fungus, mold, mildew, and diseases. Even if a lawn is cleaned in the spring, a lawn can still die quickly within a few years if lawn leaf removal services are ignored in the fall.

Like people, a stressed lawn will not grow well, and can suffer from a lot of issue and problems. Reseeding patches, or even the whole lawn, is a possibility if lawn leaf removal services are ignored during the cooler months. Some plant diseases can also get cycled back into plants as the leaves decompose into the soil at the base of the plants. This can prevent trees, shrubs and other plants from getting healthy, as they are absorbing the diseases from their fallen leaves.

Layers of wet, soggy leaves and earth are also the perfect breeding ground for insects like spiders and mosquitos. During the cooler months, it is important to stay onto of lawn leaf removal services by raking leaves regularly. The best time to rake leaves is before the first frost or snow, when leaves are still dry. Soggy piles of leaves are harder to rake and can become quite heavy. While some wait for all of the leaves to fall, others rake regularly to keep on top of it.

Having a healthy lawn is only one benefit of a lawn leaf removal service. Layers of decaying leaves are very slippery, and can cause falls, especially for older people. The wet, soggy layers of leaves can also harbour insects and diseases that can damage your lawn, plants and trees in your yard.

Many landscaping companies offer lawn leaf removal service. A common method for lawn leaf removal is mobile vacuuming. Mobile vacuuming is a method where a powerful outdoor vacuum machine removes even the smallest leaf bits from the lawn. Leaf blowers and rakes are two other popular, and more commonly known methods for lawn leaf removal.

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