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What to do With All those “Pandemic” Gardens

Garden Maintenance

What to do With All those “Pandemic” Gardens

March 24, 2022

Pandemic weary Canadians threw themselves into many distractions- expensive stationary bikes, taking up a new musical instrument, intricate nail art, and for some, gardening. By some estimates, as many as 50% of Canadians embraced gardening during the pandemic thereby coining the phrase “pandemic garden.”

But now that we have transitioned to endemic, what’s to become of all those boredom-induced hobby gardens?

Taking Your Garden from Maintained to Marvellous

It’s one thing to have clean, well-maintained landscaping, and it’s another to have a garden that genuinely impresses. Both require garden maintenance services, whether you do it yourself or get it done on hire where the former is simply a matter of maintaining the status quo, the latter explores what is possible with a little imagination and maybe a little help.

If you no longer have the time or energy to give your garden the attention it deserves, garden maintenance services might be for you. Here’s why!

Gardens are not stagnant

A garden is a living breathing entity. They do not exist in a perpetual state of sameness as they are constantly evolving. This means that your garden maintenance skills also need to grow and develop.

Healthy gardens require a deft hand by someone who understands how various elements work together and someone who can recognize when something isn’t working. Is that plant supposed to be stretched out like that? Why are those leaves broken? Is that flower as vibrant as it could be?

Overcrowding, poor soil quality, and lack of water are just a few of the reasons your garden may be suffering. Maintaining your garden requires constant monitoring and tweaking. Remember, it’s an evolving process so what worked in the past might not be right now.

Even gardens get bored

Maybe those hot pink begonias were everything to you a few years ago but now you are looking to embrace a more neutral garden pallet. Or perhaps the reverse is true and after years of playing it safe, you maybe ready to go bold with your landscaping design.

In either case, making changes to your garden is a great way to inexpensively refresh your landscaping by taking your current tastes and ability to maintain a complex garden into account. If you are struggling to keep your garden watered, it might be time to consider draught-hardier plants. If lawn-mowing has got you down, consider adding more plants and larger beds to your garden to work with.

Improve the view

For many BC residents, the closer you get to the city, the closer your home is to its neighbour. If your neighbour’s home is a problem, you’re tired of living in a fishbowl, or if you would simply enjoy a little extra privacy in your yard, it can all achievable with some thoughtful landscaping.
Never underestimate the value of a beautiful view even if it is essentially the side of another building.

See those dollar signs

You can benefit from an investment in sprucing up your garden by various means. Your exterior landscaping has a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal and value. If your garden is grossly unmaintained, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the interior of your home is, you will potentially be slashing thousands off the value of your home. And while it may not deter buyers in a hot market like Vancouver, it’s certainly not doing you any favour in your situation.

Minor changes to your landscaping or even just cleaning up what’s already there and making it look fresh can dramatically improve the first impression your home imparts on neighbours, buyers, and even on-goers passing by.

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