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Top 3 Residential Landscaping Services for New Homeowners

Residential Landscaping Services

Top 3 Residential Landscaping Services for New Homeowners

October 12, 2022

Owning your first home comes with many new responsibilities and new freedom. Having the ability to customize every inch of your property, from the paint on the walls to the flowers in your garden, is something many of us dream of. For new homeowners, however, it can feel overwhelming on where exactly to begin – especially when it comes to landscaping. Here are three simple residential landscaping services that will transform the exterior of your home:

1) Lawn Maintenance

A great place to begin is professional lawn maintenance. Regular lawn care not only boosts the aesthetic of your home but also aids in the protection against harmful weeds and insects. To avoid water damage to your property, keep your lawn in mind as it can protect you from flooding. Caring for your lawn can be tedious and time-consuming on your own, so hiring a professional is best. A well-kept lawn makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors and acts as a foundation for the rest of your landscaping goals while adding value to your property.

2) Yearly Garden Maintenance

A robust and lush garden is easier to achieve than you think. New homeowners must be aware of seasonal changes and the effect they will have on their garden. Weeds and moss are particularly pesky and can be difficult to eliminate. Landscaping services such as garden maintenance can range from monthly to annually, depending on how much you want to spend. This makes it a great place for new homeowners to start. To avoid disrupting any new plants, draft a seasonal schedule with your residential landscaping company. They will be able to provide you with knowledge on which garden service you will need, and when.

3) Deck installation

Residential landscaping services are not limited to vegetation. Outdoor carpentry such as deck and wall installation can tremendously upgrade any home and provide you with more privacy. Even modest, uncomplicated deck installations can alter your outdoor space into a place where you can relax, eat, or host. From large dinner parties to humble bonfires- this will look different for everyone. Remember to consider your vision and lifestyle when seeking landscaping services.

Landscaping is an exciting way to make your entrance into a neighborhood and give yourself and your loved ones a space you are proud of and feel comfortable in. While it may seem daunting, these three practices simplify how to get started on your landscaping journey without breaking the bank or wasting time.

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