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Simple Ways to Improve Satisfaction for Residents: How to Best Utilize Strata Repairs Services

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Simple Ways to Improve Satisfaction for Residents: How to Best Utilize Strata Repairs Services

July 19, 2023

Using strata repair services for your building will benefit property managers and, importantly, residents. With the rising costs of homeownership and rent, residents understandably have high expectations for maintaining their residential buildings. Strata owners must prioritize strata repair services for their buildings for many reasons. We’ve listed the top reasons why these should be considered.

Prioritization of Safety
Whether they own or rent their home, residents want to feel safe and protected against any preventable incidents. Prioritizing safety means that strata owners should pay close attention to areas of regular use that can threaten users if not well maintained. Examples include stairwells, car parks, elevators, and other shared spaces such as mail rooms and laundry rooms. Shared and busy areas in a building are subject to wear and tear, and inspecting them for any damage to prevent issues regularly is essential. Furthermore, common areas are the most noticed by residents and visitors to a building, so by ensuring they look clean, presentable, and well-maintained, you are creating a great impression of the building and building management.

Regular Inspection for Potential Issues
Following on from the focus on prioritizing safety, the best way to ensure safety is guaranteed is to conduct regular inspections of every building area. From shared spaces to external elements, every part of a residential building must be in excellent repair to guarantee the safety and comfort of everyone using the facility. Regular inspections of a building will help to identify any invisible issues, such as structural problems that may start as minor issues but can escalate into something significant if left unattended, creating inconvenience for everybody involved. Some potential issues that can create more significant problems if not addressed are structural issues with the foundation and other structural gaps left behind by lower-quality construction.

As we know, the Lower Mainland is prone to long spells of wet weather, which can eventually affect buildings as moisture seeps in. Long-term moisture exposure can lead to mould, rot, and overall deterioration. A common way moisture can enter a building is through poorly installed or maintained sealing around doors and windows, so it is essential to check that sealing is up to a good standard. Another reason for high-intensity repairs that can be avoided is low-quality installation. This can happen when a building completion is rushed to meet a deadline. Poor insulation means a building will be colder in winter and hotter in summer. If a building is not well insulated, it can raise costs significantly as residents will have the heating on for longer periods and at higher temperatures to keep their homes warm and comfortable.

Regular inspection and prioritizing strata repair services can help avoid long-term issues with insulation and energy efficiency. Lower bills also mean happier residents!

Proactive strata repairs services can avoid serious issues caused by the reasons listed as well as other things that come up with the everyday use of a large building by numerous residents. Strata owners need to conduct regular maintenance on their buildings to avoid sudden high-cost repair projects that can upset residents and cause a more negative standard of communication between strata owners and residents in a building.

Good communication between strata owners and their clients is vital, so ensuring residents are happy and satisfied will create a positive experience for everyone involved. By providing a well-maintained building, everybody can focus on enjoying the time spent at home without worry. By investing in high-quality strata repair services, you will be giving peace of mind to everyone involved.

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