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Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space with Residential Landscaping Service

Residential Landscaping

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space with Residential Landscaping Service

April 26, 2021

Do you feel like your yard is lacking when compared to your neighbor’s? If you are looking to add beauty and resale value to your home, but don’t know where to start, look outside. If your yard is in need of maintenance or sprucing up, it may be time to upgrade your outdoor space. Before you start ripping up your lawn or planting trees, talk to a residential landscaping service professional.

Your local nursery may be a good place to start to learn about what types of plants do well in your local climate. Soil conditions can vary, which means that some types of grasses or plants will do better than others. Weather and light are also important factors when deciding what to plant.

Planting flowers and trees that are native to your area is not only good for the environment and ecosystem, but native plants will also require less maintenance and care. Planting pollinator plants for your local pollinator species are another great way to not only care for the environment, but to beautify your outdoor space.

Discuss your plans with your residential landscaping service provider, as they will be able to tell you what plants will do best in your yard and will help you achieve your desired aesthetic. If you are a novice gardener and the thought of having to maintain a large garden or numerous plants is daunting, start small. Focus on your lawn, or a small patch of garden, and only plant one or two different types.

Perennials are plants that bloom yearly, and do not require replanting like some other flowers. Tulips or other bulb plants also bloom each year. Perennials can live for over three growing seasons, if properly cared for. Perennials have strong root systems, and go dormant during the colder months. Unlike annual plants, which need to be planted yearly, perennials may have fewer blooms. However, they are significantly less work, as they come back on their own each year.

Residential landscaping maintenance does not have to be a huge undertaking involving several hours of work weekly. Look for plants that you enjoy, or that will grow to be a natural barrier. The right plants, trees, shrubs and hedges can reduce noise, and increase privacy and your enjoyment of your space.

Residential landscaping isn’t just about planting new lawns and plants. Residential landscaping services include maintenance. If you want an outdoor space that you can enjoy but don’t have the time, skills, or ability to do the maintenance yourself, that’s okay. Taking care of your home is an investment. Maintaining and updating your outdoor and indoor spaces are an important and necessary part of being a homeowner.


Residential landscaping services include lawn mowing and edging, seasonal aeration and fertilizer, weeding, yard cleaning, pruning, and lawn care. Some of these tasks, such as lawn mowing, and edging will need to be done more frequently than others. Having a trusted landscaping service that comes to your home on a set schedule can help ensure that your yard and lawn are always looked after. If you have pets or small children, your landscaping experts can help you pick pet-friendly plants. Installing an outdoor play area for your family, or a vegetable garden, are other ways to increase your use and enjoyment of your home.

The perks of having a maintained, thoughtfully designed outdoor space go beyond looks. Having a yard for your pets and children to play in, having a quiet, peaceful, personal oasis, or having a beautiful space to share with friends and family can all be achieved through residential landscaping services.

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