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Keep Your Lawn and Garden Healthy with Regular Maintenance


Keep Your Lawn and Garden Healthy with Regular Maintenance

June 3, 2021

Not everyone has a green thumb. While some find tending to their gardens meditative and refreshing, others view gardening as stressful chore. While gardening is not for everyone, professional landscaping services allow everyone to have a well-kept garden. While the chores are not for everyone, professional landscapers are a great way to ensure that the lawn moving, lawn leaf removal, weeding, and more are all done in a timely and effective manner.

There are many benefits to having and maintaining a garden or yard. An outdoor space can be an extension of the home. From a space for children or pets to roam around and play, to an English garden, to an outdoor kitchen or eating space, the options are endless.

Maintaining an outdoor space is time consuming and delicate work, which not everyone is suited for or enjoys. Professional landscapers are an easy way to get the outdoor space of your dreams without worrying about the lives of your plants.

It is important to maintain your garden and lawn’s health throughout the year. Prepping your garden and lawn for winter, and again for spring are necessary steps for maintaining healthy grass. Grass continues to grow in the fall as the months get colder and shorter. Lawn leaf removal needs to be done regularly for as long as leaves are falling.

Lawn leaf removal is not only for aesthetic purposes. While a carpet of orange, red and yellow leaves looks pleasing for the first few days, mounds of dead leaves on your lawn means health risks for your lawn. Without proper sunlight, there is no photosynthesis, meaning your grass cannot feed itself, so it withers away. Regular leaf removal services will ensure that your grass will be able to breathe and access sunlight, and will help ensure that your lawn will be thick and healthy come the spring.

Lawn leaf removal services also prevent the possibility of fungi, mold and diseases from growing on your lawn. Wet, rotting leaves can be great fertilizer, but they not only suffocate your lawn, wet, damp, musty, and rotting vegetation is also the perfect breeding ground for diseases, fungi and mold. Mold is harmful to your lawn, as well as to your own health. Walking through a thick carpet of dead leaves can kick up mold spores, which can make anyone, especially pets and young children, sick. The health consequences can be devastating.

Leaf removal services prevent moisture from getting trapped between the layer of leaves and grass. It is easier to use your lawn well into the winter months if there is not a thick, slippery layer of rotting leaves, which can create a fall risk, especially for seniors.

Piles of damp decomposing leaves can also be great homes for unwanted pests, such as spiders and snakes, who often burrow beneath the leaves for shelter and warmth. Walking over the leaves can disrupt the pests, and you, your family or your pets could end up bitten.

By ensuring your lawn is leaf free during the fall and winter, you are ensuring that come spring, your lawn will be healthy and enjoyable.

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