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How to Choose a Residential Landscape Maintenance Service You’ll Be Happy With

Residential Landscape Maintenance Service

How to Choose a Residential Landscape Maintenance Service You’ll Be Happy With

March 9, 2021

Winter is on its way out, and for many, that’s a signal it is time to renew those seasonal residential landscaping contracts – and you may now be on the hunt for a residential landscape maintenance contractor. If that sounds like about as much fun as filing your taxes, you’re not alone; however, the only thing worse than having to interview contractors and gather estimates is having to pay someone for mediocre work.

If you were happy with your residential landscaping service provider, contract renewals are pretty straightforward. While there may be the expected price adjustments, you can remain confident that you will continue to receive a high standard of care, provided nothing else has changed within the company.

However, if your previous residential landscape maintenance contractor failed to meet your expectations, or you are in the market for a residential landscaper for the first time, here are some issues to consider before hiring a contractor.

Read Up on the Business

The easiest way to narrow down your list of residential landscape maintenance companies is to read a few of their business reviews. If many previous clients are praising their service, they are probably worth interviewing. Similarly, if a company has a long string of poor reviews and cannot explain the negative comments, you may want to pass on that business.

Can They Provide all the Services You Need?

Not all residential landscapers provide the same level or breadth of service. There are companies you can hire who offer basic lawn care options, like mowing and weeding, while others provide more specialized services, including fertilizing, seasonal planting, trimming, and pruning. Basic services can provide affordability for those who do not require all the bells and whistles; however, many people may find that basic service fails to sufficiently meet their needs and costs more as additional products and services are added.

Your Budget

Not everyone is comfortable discussing money, especially over the phone or during a consultation. However, the contractor needs to understand your budget, not so that they can provide the highest estimate they believe you will be comfortable paying, but so they can manage your wants with the cost of the services provided. Knowing your budget allows a residential landscape maintenance contractor to assemble the most comprehensive and accurate estimate and service package that will meet your needs. As a homeowner or strata manager, you are also within your right to ask what each service costs; it is possible that based on price, there are services you would like to add or remove from a contract.

Are They Willing to Write it Down?

Once you have determined the services you need, it is essential to get everything down in writing. Unfortunately, verbal agreements can come back to haunt you, so it is vital to get all the agreed-upon services outlined in detail in a contract signed by both parties. This protects everyone involved and keeps expectations clear. A company that cannot or will not provide a detailed contract should be questioned. Equally, details of the contract must be discussed, particularly situations or events that could result in additional charges, such as cleaning up after a windstorm or other emergency.

Do They Have a Customer Satisfaction Policy?

One of the best ways to ensure that you hire a company focused on customer satisfaction is choosing one who has a satisfaction policy written into their contracts. When interviewing potential residential landscapers, ask about their company policy regarding work and product satisfaction and what recourse you have as a client if quality issues occur.

Hiring a residential landscape company doesn’t have to be an exhausting ordeal. If you are looking for landscape maintenance services from an experienced team with a solid reputation, Harp’s Landscaping is here to help.

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