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Damage Left by Fallen Leaves Affects More Than Just Your Lawn


Damage Left by Fallen Leaves Affects More Than Just Your Lawn

October 26, 2021

Fall is here. Red, orange, and yellow leaves cover the ground, pumpkin spice everything is back, and Costco is already selling Christmas decorations. What’s not to love about this colourful season? If you said raking leaves, you’re not alone. For most people, raking leaves comes second only to shovelling snow, and that’s why so many choose not to do it.

The non-leaf rakers fall into two camps, those who pay for lawn leaf removal and those who simply ignore them altogether. People in the former category can rest easy this fall and winter knowing that their lawns will be ready to grow come spring; however, the latter group may find their property a little worse for the wear once the cold weather has passed – and not just their lawns.

Property Damaged Caused by Neglected Leaves

Ignoring lawn leaf removal may sound tempting; after all, what’s easier than doing nothing? Plus, leaves can be turned into mulch, which is actually good for your grass. The problem is when the layer of leaves covering your property goes from manageable to just messy.

Dead Grass

Layer upon layer of soggy, wet leaves is not only a less-than-ideal look for your home, but it’s also suffocating your grass. Grass needs oxygen, water, nutrients, and sunlight to survive, even during the colder months when it’s not growing. If even one of these elements is missing, your grass will slowly yellow and die. That may be hard to see under a pile of leaves, but you’ll definitely notice come spring.

Slippery Walkways

The sound of crunchy leaves while walking through a forest is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. But not so much after a few heavy rains turn the collection of leaves covering your walkways into a slipping hazard. Compacted, wet leaves are much slicker than you might think, which can lead to potentially dangerous slip and fall accidents.

Stained Decks and Driveways

You might like the look of red, orange, and yellow leaves in the fall, but you’ll probably feel differently when spring rolls around and leaf stains are covering your lovely deck or expensive concrete driveway. It’s true; neglected leaves can leave behind very distinguishable imprints and mold, both of which are a nuisance to clean up. Better to eliminate the source of the problem before it becomes an issue.

Clogged Gutters

Falling leaves don’t just become a problem on the ground; they’re an issue above as well. Leaf-clogged gutters are a major problem for homeowners. A gutter clogged with leaves can prevent water flow, and when water can’t make it down the downspout, it can cause damage to your roof, walls, and foundation. And when temperatures drop, wet leaves can freeze and expand, causing damage to your gutters and your roofline. As the freeze-thaw cycles continue, you could wind up with some very costly repairs

Roof Damage

Your roof may be strong enough to protect you from rain and snow, but when leaves are left to accumulate, it may result in moisture problems, damage to the wooden roof structure, and leaks inside your home.

Nests for Pests

Piles of leaves make great homes for pests, including insects, spiders, and rodents. This might not seem so bad when they are all outside, but as it gets colder, pests like rodents will be looking for somewhere to stay warm – and that place could be inside your home. Keep your home critter-free by doing lawn leaf removal to keep your lawn free from leaves.

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