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Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Space with a Residential Landscaping Service

Residential Landscaping Services Delta

Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Space with a Residential Landscaping Service

July 28, 2020

There are a lot of great reasons to get a residential landscaping service for your home. In the case of selling your property, a beautifully landscaped garden or backyard adds a lot of value and can even influence your asking price. Other reasons are for personal enjoyment, getting back to nature by adding some luscious greenery, providing flowers and trees for bees and animals, or extra privacy for those summer night BBQ’s.

Taking on the task yourself is always an option, but can seem daunting. Professional landscapers study for years and have the technical knowledge as to what types of residential landscaping will work for you, your budget, and your area. A good landscaping company can design something that looks stunning but is amazingly simple to care for. Not everyone is born being a master horticulturalist, but with the help of a residential landscape service – you can look like one!

Your residential landscape expert will work with you on designing your dream garden or perfect your outdoor scenery by using several outdoor landscaping design principles.


If your focus is on clean, functional design, you and your landscaper might discuss simplicity. Everything from flowers to shrubs serves a purpose and will be easy to maintain.


Having a variety of plants, shrubs and showcase pieces throughout the space is not only attractive but can also be economical and, in some cases, – save your garden. A plant species can become infected by fungus or insects, and if it’s the main focus, you may have to replant all over again. Gardens also have varied conditions, some spots sunny, other shady, so you’ll need different types of plants to suit the environment.


Life is all about balance, and so is landscaping. Constructing visually symmetrical designs isn’t just about planting the same plant or flowers on opposite sides; it’s about creating a look that pleases the eye. It’s also about understanding plant mass and the visual weight of your landscaping –which is a fancy way of saying how much presence each individual plant has in a design.


Your landscaping will use color, height, texture, and form to add emphasis in certain areas. Too much emphasis can look disorderly, too little can be boring.


An extremely important factor in landscaping is unity. Unity joins all aspects of the design together, creating harmonious surroundings. The theme or style of your garden or outdoor scenery is created by unity.

When you’re looking for a residential landscape service, try to find a company that is familiar with your locality and its specific needs and also one open to discussing the principles of landscape design with you – so that together, you can create your perfect outdoor space.

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