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Got Weeds? Here’s How to Eliminate Them!


Got Weeds? Here’s How to Eliminate Them!

Dealing with pesky weeds in your yard and garden can be a constant challenge that feels never-ending. In Delta, many people struggle to control weeds and are on the constant lookout for solutions that do not involve much time, money, or effort. These bothersome intruders not only steal nutrients and water meant for your flowers […]

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How to Start Growing Your Own Produce with a New Vegetable Garden

Spring has sprung, and planting season has officially arrived! Is this the year you’ve finally decided to try your hand at planting a new vegetable garden? Well, you’re in luck because Vancouver is a great place to grow your own produce. Not only will planting a garden give you access to the freshest, healthiest, and […]

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How You Can Keep Your Garden in Pristine Condition with a Busy Schedule!

As our lives are slowly shifting back to ease from pandemic regulations, many of us are required to attend work or school on-site, leaving our well-maintained gardens out to dry. However, it does not need to be this way; locals of garden maintenance Delta are here to aid those with this dilemma and have provided […]

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What to do With All those “Pandemic” Gardens

Pandemic weary Canadians threw themselves into many distractions- expensive stationary bikes, taking up a new musical instrument, intricate nail art, and for some, gardening. By some estimates, as many as 50% of Canadians embraced gardening during the pandemic thereby coining the phrase “pandemic garden.” But now that we have transitioned to endemic, what’s to become […]


Keep Your Lawn and Garden Healthy with Regular Maintenance

Not everyone has a green thumb. While some find tending to their gardens meditative and refreshing, others view gardening as stressful chore. While gardening is not for everyone, professional landscaping services allow everyone to have a well-kept garden. While the chores are not for everyone, professional landscapers are a great way to ensure that the […]

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Are Garden Maintenance Services Worth the Cost?

Budgets are tight and we are all looking for ways to save. When it comes to trimming down, one area many people look toward is the types of services that perform very important duties but are considered non-essential. A few examples in this category include pest control, interior cleaning, and landscape garden maintenance services – […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Gardening Services

If you have ever done any gardening, you understand the value of hiring a professional company that provides quality professional gardening services. If you are thinking that there’s no need to call in a pro to give an appealing touch to your garden, then you may be a novice. You may not understand what it is […]

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Summer Garden Maintenance Checklist

Seasonal garden maintenance services are very important. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, what you do in June can greatly influence how your lawn will look in January. Seasonally maintaining your yard year round ensures that your garden, shrubs, and landscape stay healthy and looking good all year. Summer Garden Maintenance Checklist […]

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