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Leaf Removal Service

Why Use a Lawn Leaf Removal Service?

Many love to see autumn leaves falling since they are such a romantic scene that we can see only once a year. However, too many leaves everywhere is another story. A lawn covered by a thick layer of leaves is likely to be an avenue for pest infestation and grass degradation. Let’s read on to […]

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How You Can Keep Your Garden in Pristine Condition with a Busy Schedule!

As our lives are slowly shifting back to ease from pandemic regulations, many of us are required to attend work or school on-site, leaving our well-maintained gardens out to dry. However, it does not need to be this way; locals of garden maintenance Delta are here to aid those with this dilemma and have provided […]

Lawn Care vs. Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Care vs. Lawn Maintenance: What’s The Difference?

When you need pest control or seeds planted- who do you call? What about spring cleanup or regular lawn mowing services? Several types of businesses operate in various kinds of lawn-related activities, but depending on what you are looking for, not all of them may offer the types of services you’re after. Lawn care and […]

Garden Maintenance

What to do With All those “Pandemic” Gardens

Pandemic weary Canadians threw themselves into many distractions- expensive stationary bikes, taking up a new musical instrument, intricate nail art, and for some, gardening. By some estimates, as many as 50% of Canadians embraced gardening during the pandemic thereby coining the phrase “pandemic garden.” But now that we have transitioned to endemic, what’s to become […]


5 Ways to Make Raking Leaves Less of a Chore

Leaf raking season is in full swing, but if this has you feeling more distraught than delighted, there’s no need to worry. There are ways to make even a tedious chore like raking leaves, if not fun, then at least a little easier. Raking the leaves still not for you? You might also want to […]


Damage Left by Fallen Leaves Affects More Than Just Your Lawn

Fall is here. Red, orange, and yellow leaves cover the ground, pumpkin spice everything is back, and Costco is already selling Christmas decorations. What’s not to love about this colourful season? If you said raking leaves, you’re not alone. For most people, raking leaves comes second only to shovelling snow, and that’s why so many […]


Garden Maintenance Services Change Year-Round

Gardening can be an enjoyable activity, with beautiful end results. Garden maintenance is necessary to keep your garden healthy, clean-looking, and lush. While some people enjoy the process of doing garden maintenance themselves, others do not. Garden maintenance services are a must for anyone who enjoys having a beautiful garden but does not enjoy or […]

lawn leaf removal

A Leaf Removal Service Benefits Your Lawn and Garden

With all its beautiful colours, fall is a beautiful season. One of the most attractive aspect of fall, for many people, is the fall leaves in shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown. As beautiful as they are, letting fallen leaves buildup on your lawn and garden poses health risks to your lawn, and your […]

Remove Leaves Lawn

Why You Should Remove Leaves from Your Lawn

How to remove leaves from lawn – Many landscaping companies offer lawn leaf removal service. A common method for lawn leaf removal is mobile vacuuming.


Signs Your Yard Needs Some TLC

Is your garden looking like it has seen better days? Are you looking for the secret to having a fantastic-looking lawn all year round? Unfortunately, great grass doesn’t just happen; it takes time, effort, and continual care. But you don’t have to quit your day job to manage it. A residential landscape maintenance service can […]

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