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3 Things to Think About When Planting a Strata Garden

Strata Garden

3 Things to Think About When Planting a Strata Garden

November 10, 2022

Are you considering hiring a landscaper to plan and install some garden spaces to enjoy? Or maybe your existing gardens have seen better days and need strata repair services to restore them to their former glory. Whether you’re starting new or starting over read on to find out what three things to consider when planting gardens on your strata property.

Just how tall will that tree be?
Trees are great options for strata properties as they offer a host of benefits to the space. They provide shade and help cool surrounding buildings. They also offer a display of beauty against the more synthetic aspects of buildings and pathways. Before you plant that tree, consider just how big it’s going to get. Depending on the amount of space available for the tree’s roots and canopy, you may want to consider dwarf varieties or trees that are easily pruned back to a manageable height. While flowering cherries are often a popular option for properties, some varieties have an aggressive root system that could disrupt surrounding sidewalks and waterlines. If you have an unruly tree that’s adding more harm than beauty to your property, you may need strata repairs services to help remove the tree and plant something more suitable.

Seasonal splendor
If planned properly with a professional landscaper, a garden can display a range of beautiful colours year-round. There are so many plant varieties that show their best colours outside of the typical Spring and Summer bloom periods. Fall can offer a brilliant display of colour with plants like Anemones, Stonecrop, and Heliopsis, with flowers often into the first week of November. Plants like Camelia and Helleborus have beautiful flowers through Winter for days that are darker and shorter. Staggered bloom periods will ensure that your garden stays beautiful year-round. If your garden seems to die away as soon as the weather turns, you might want to consider strata repairs services to help identify the problem and offer suggestions to extend the bloom period of your garden.

Will there be water?
Some plants can go for long periods without water and still look fantastic. Many plants are drought-resistant and would be great choices for an area of your strata property that isn’t frequently watered. When planning a garden space for your property, it’s vital to consider what sort of irrigation will be available. Do you have sprinklers? Are you relying on rain? Plants such as Coneflower maintain their beautiful yellow colour on sturdy blooms even when overheated and underwatered. If your property features a rocky space, Lithodora is a great evergreen ground cover that can withstand dry conditions. Is your area subject to frequent water restrictions? Drought-resistant plants could make all the difference in whether your garden thrives or withers. If your strata garden looks thirsty all the time, it’s a good idea to consult a landscaper to rejuvenate your garden with a proper irrigation system or replant a garden that’s better suited to the available space.

Planting a garden space is a perfect way to add beauty and value to your strata property, but it needs to be done with careful consideration of growing habits and water requirements. Working with a professional is a good way to ensure your investment continues to offer beautiful returns year after year. If your property’s gardens need strata repair services, get in touch with a landscaper. It’s never the wrong season here on the West Coast to start planning and planting a beautiful new idea.

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